Our Deacons

Larry Griffies, Chairman of the Deacons

Born and raised in Coweta County, Larry Griffies has been a member of Bethlehem Baptist church for 14 years.  He has been proud to serve as a Deacon at Bethlehem for 11 of those 14 years so far.




Mike Findley

Mike Findley moved to Coweta County in August of 1970. Due to the neighborly actions of the men of Bethlehem Baptist Church, he and his wife began to attend the church right away and became members soon after that. He was ordained as a Deacon in February of 1975.



Barry Walker

Barry Walker has attended Bethlehem Baptist Church since 1988 and has been a Deacon since 1998. He is currently a member of Christian Motorcyclist Association which focuses on “Changing the world, one heart at a time.”




Donald Olmstead

Donald Olmstead was ordained as a Deacon in May of 1966 at Grantville First Baptist Church. He was 22 years old, married, and had one daughter. He served as a Trustee, was on the Pastor Search Committees, and a Building Committee as they built a new addition to the church. Sometimes he would conduct the music or lead Wednesday night services as well. He has been a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church for about 13 years and was elected a Deacon here after joining the church. Donald is excited to again be a part of the Deacon Family Ministries here at Bethlehem.

Horace Phillips

Horace Phillips became a Christian at a young age. He became a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church shortly after he and his wife Joan were married in 1990. He became a Deacon of Bethlehem in 2005. He has also been teaching Sunday School for over 25 years. Horace has two children and three grandchildren and is employed by the Newnan Post Office.